Eart – Rite MGV


Truck mounted Static Grounding Verification.

The Earth-Rite Mobile Ground Verification system (MGV) is a unique, patented technology designed to provide automatic confirmation of a positive electrostatic ground connection for vehicles collecting and transferring combustible products.

Vacuum trucks, including their hoses and hose connections, are susceptible to static charge accumulation during the transfer of product into or out of the truck’s containment system. This accumulation of static charge is equivalent to a hidden source of ignition and if discharged as a static spark can lead to the ignition of the product or the atmosphere in which the truck and material handling team is operating.


Click on the animation to see how the Earth-Rite MGV

verfies a static ground connection.

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API RP 2219: Safe Operation of Vacuum Trucks in Petroleum Service.

To eliminate the risk of incendive static spark discharges the API standard 2219: Safe Operation of Vacuum Trucks in Petroleum Service recommends that vacuum truck operators transferring flammable and combustible product in hazardous locations must fully ground the truck prior to any other task in the transfer operation by connecting the truck to a “proven ground source”. The Earth-Rite MGV is designed to enable operators establish safe grounding of their vehicle in accordance with this standard.

In addition, the Earth-Rite MGV can be fitted to bulk transport vehicles. This permits drivers verify if the designated earthing point at the delivery location is functioning correctly.